H2OCEAN Aquatat .25 FL oz Tattoo Ointment Healing Care Aftercare Sample Size New

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Wash the area thoroughly. Apply a very thin layer of Aquatat tattoo ointment as needed.. 1. Do not re-bandage your new tattoo. 2. Always wash your hands before touching your new tattoo. Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive on the tattoo. 3. Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. 4. Avoid hot tubs, public pools and the ocean during the healing process. 5. Do not over soak your tattoo with water while in the shower. 6. Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for a few weeks. Definitely avoid tanning oils lotions, and sand. 7. Avoid tight fitting clothes which might irritate the new tattoo. 8. While using H2Ocean, do not use any other aftercare products during the healing process. Tattoo Aftercare Tips and Protocol Product Details - 1.75 fl oz. - Promotes Healing - No Smelly Mess - USP Ingredients - No Pimples - Skin Protectant - No Cracking - No Drying - Anti Aging Ingredients