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Cosco brand Tincture of Green Soap is a medical grade soap that is generally not available in retail stores. This stuff is a great multi purpose soap for this industry. Green Soap is normally diluted to make it less concentrated so it is more easily rinsed off or does not leave as much residue to cleaning areas. Diluting green soap will generally not affect its ability to clean germs, unless you dilute it way too much. It is best to use distilled water with green soap to dilute it. READ PRODUCT SPECIFICS BEFORE COMMITTING TO PURCHASE Product Specifics: These 4 oz size bottles are repackaged from our 16 oz bottles we order directly from Cosco. We order the 16 oz bottles from Cosco by the pallet and it is not uncommon for us to get a few dozen punctured bottles during shipping. Since we cannot sell 16 oz bottles with a hole in them, we use the punctured bottles to fill these smaller 4 oz size bottles for resale. The picture is a bottle of 16oz green soap, this bottle comes in a similar looking bottle but is opaque (see through) with the same design label as the 16oz. The contents are not diluted, it is a pure concentrate exactly as the 16oz and gallon bottles guaranteed.