50PCS Mixed Size Tattoo Needles

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Round Liner (RL) size: 3,5,7,9 (5 pcs/size); Round Shader (RS) size: 5,7,9, (5 pcs/size). Single Stack Magnum (M1) size: 5,7,9 (5 pcs/size) Notice: No size for you choose!

Notice: The pic is just for reference!
1.Sterile disposable tattoo needles
2.All needles are made from Medical Stainless Steel, can not rust and erode.
3.Professional tattoo needles are harmless,sterilized,stainless steel for liner and shader.
4.Professional standard length loop bars fit all tattoo machines.
5.Needles are ready and easily to Use
6.All the needles were burnished by hand