About Let us vape

letusvape is located in los angeles,  we source all the hardware from China and ejuice from USA manufacturer.  we notice many people would like to  buy from China , like fasttech, since the price is really good,  however  the delivery takes sooooo long,   if you buy locally , the markup is insane high. so we want to help vapors out of this dilemma,  we keep inventory here, and set the price as the same as Fasttech, or a little higher,  but you could get your order in a few days,  and anything wrong happenes to your merchandise, just call us at 626-560-8231 , or send us email at letusvape@icloud.com,  we will fix that for you as soon as you could , no hassle, no worry! 

so let us vape at affordable price with conveniece!