wireless tattoo power supply WS-P031

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Condition: Brand New
Material: Aluminum
Size: 127*85*28mm
Quantity: 1
Color: Silver
N.W.: 350g
Output DC: 1-16V
Digital voltage display: IC control circuit
Smarter size, ligher weight, hoursmore portable.

Package Contains:
● 1pc wireless rechargeable tattoo power supply
● 1pc wireless foot pedal
● 1pc battery charger

They are the latest listed wireless tattoo power supply and foot pedal.Smaller and exquisite appearance.
Convenient carry,you can use it anywhere anytime.Simple operation,it suitable for various stages of tattoo master.

1.The battery charger is used for the charging of tattoo power supply.
We stock some red leather case which uesd as avoid the tattoo power wear and tear in use,if you need
it,we will give you a satisfactory price.
(The total price not include the price of leather case)
2.Do't use the unit in thunderstorm weather and it is recommended that you unplug it, keep it away from
electrical noise generating devices.
3.Do not place the unit in direct sunlight or on uneven surface to avoid falling or serious damage.
4.Do not place any objects on the unit as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short circuit our parts
that could result in a fire or electric shock. Never spill any liquid on it.