Getbetterlife® Pro New 2nd Generation Tattoo Power Supply New Foot Pedal 2pcs Clip Cord

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Package contain:
1pcs Getbetterlife New 2nd Generation Tattoo Power Supply.
1pcs New Foot Pedal.
2pcs clip cords.
Operating current:1.0—3A(Max: 2.5A)
Input voltage:100V-240
Output voltage:0--18V
Voltage load protection:99%
Current load protection:99%
Power output:54W
Output accuracy:±5%
Operating Humidity:5%-95%
Operating temperature:-10℃ - +40℃
Area of application:100-240V (Any country)
“PS-II” is a multi-functional precision detection power supply. It can be switched between Coil mode and Motor mode, It micro-controls the voltage level by using buttons. The front page “Power Unit PS-II” will pop up after it is plugged into a general microphone jack. After 3 seconds, the screen will jump to main page with showing the working voltage of the previous time. “PS - II” will be turned off automatically after 5 seconds without working.
1.Voltage test, Current test, Duty cycle test, Speed frequency test;
2.“PS-II” can be switched between Coil and Rotary tattoo machine mode;
3.“PS-II” will automatically save 4 working voltages and keeps the last one as the storage standard;
4.“PS-II” power supply has self protective device. If use improperly, it will automatically cut off the power with the display light on;
5.“PS-II” has current overload protection function for Coil mode. When current loads up to 99%, after 1 min it will cut off the power by itself with the display light on. Please do NOT use rotary machine under Coil Mode. You will have to get back to main menu to switch it to rotary Mode;
6.“PS-II” power supply can control the foot switch momentary or continue.