tassel navel ring CK-SC203

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Package contains:
1.Navel ring *1
3.Piercing Needle*1
4.Antisepsis Swab*1
5.Absorbent Cotton*1
6.Latex gloves*1
7.Hand Wash Cleaning Wipe*1
8.Piercing Clip*1
Three packs packaged to sell
1 Wash hands before using
2.Disinfect Hands with Wash Cleaning Wipe
3.Wear Latex gloves
4.Disinfect piericng part with Skin antisepsis Cotton
5.Clamp the piercing part of skin with Piercing Clip
6.Pierce the clamping skin with piercing needle and stab to the cork,Unscrew the ball of piercing jewelry,
puncture the decorative rod with the needle through the skin, cycle down the ball.
(clean the piercing part with absorbent cotton ball if necessary)