nose nail CK-SC301

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“Sophia’C”serial --Disposable Body Piercing Pack((jewelries+ all tools needed,Firstomato Medical)

The world first disposable body piercing pack, makes medical class sterile piercing possible, ‘avoid infection & speed up healings’

This All-in-one Medical Class sterile Pack Body Piercing Jewelry Kit comes with everything you need to get started.



  1. 1 Nose Bone/Monroe Stud
  2. 1 Pair of Latex Gloves (2 total pieces)
  3. Piercing Needle (16G)
  4. Antiseptic Swab & Cleaning Wipe
  5. Piercing Cork
  6. Piercing Clamp
  7. Cotton Ball


The piercing needle has the same gauge as the jewellery wire. This is not a mistake , but the professional way to do piercing better.
Advantage: the jewellery wire will stuff fully the wound caused by piercing needle and avoid bleeding. Bleeding and too much pain are sometime seen as ‘scary’ or ‘unprofessional’

Disadvantage: the screw end of the jewellery wire is too big to be fit into the end of needle, causing inconvenienced of piercing through the skin.