38 colors glitter tattoo kit PH-K006

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Glitter Tattoo Kit Contains:
-- 38 colors of powder:
-- 42pcs stencils
-- 2 glue tube
-- 1 hose
-- 1 bottle of Cleaning fluid
-- 4 brushes
--1 Tweezers
-- 1 Palette
-- 1 pink sponge as gift

Using Method:

1.Choose the design you want and peel off white backing.

2.Make sure the skin is dry before applying the sticker.
Place the sticker on the skin in the direction you want and press firmly,
making sure there are no wrinkles or blebs, remove the clear film from the sticker.

3.Use the brush appliator in the bottle, and apply the glue on the skin showing through the stencil.

4.Remove the stencil after approximately 1-2 minutes.

5.Use the small cosmetic brush to apply the glitter to the areas with glue.
Make sure glitter completely covers all areas with glue. (You may mix colors)

6.Use the large cosmetic brush to press down the glitter, after the glitter has been firmly set,
brush away any excess glitter.

7.Glitter tattoos will last approximately one week under normal conditions.

The tattoo gel maybe frozen since the cold weather and season in transit, please make the gel soluble before use.

We promise this problem not influence the usage and quality.